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We are group of Argentine companies with a strong DNA deeply rooted in the industrial sector.
Founded in 1969 by Enrique Libson and with  48 years of experience, our firm evolved and became one the most important companies in Latin America in its sector.
In the late 2000’s we began a process of transformation and expansion of our businesses, entering into other strategic sectors of the Argentine economy.
Our group turnover is US $ 52,000,000.
We employ 350 people.


Become a group that respects Libson’s most profound value that has also been the essence of our founders: leadership.
Offer noble products and services, using materials and processes that guarantee the highest quality.
Employ serious, honest and trained professionals to make from our human capital an invaluable resource.
Create  the conditions to make our team feel they are working in a leading, young and vital company.
That is constantly improving so as to offer endless possibilities of growth and sustainable job positions.
Our commitment is to work in an environmentally friendly manner for the sake of our generations and the generations to come.


For a group to have a constant leading role a key quality is essential: Have high awareness to listen to the market on every occasion.
A company that does not believe in open communication and does not talk to the markets, will definitely stop doing business soon.
Markets never rest, leaders like us don’t either.
The customer is our most important asset and our only boss.
The best investment is honesty towards our partners, customers and collaborators. DNA of our group in words:
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Our beginning dates back to 1969 when Enrique Libson made his first steps in the industry with a small company manufacturing photochemical plates. He quickly ventured into printing silk labels and advertising stickers. Since then there was no interruptions in our long history of constant evolution. We tirelessly engaged in continuous research. Thanks to its policy Libson, our mother company, became the most important Latin American merchandising company.
Over the past 40 years, major consumer product companies in the region selected us to develop and implement ideas that provided real opportunities to their brands.
In the late 2000’s, the Group began a process of transformation and expansion of its businesses, penetrating into other strategic sectors of the Argentine economy, reaching a global turnover of US$ 52 million and 350 employees.

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